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News MiMove App Physical Education Grant
October 16, 2023 As part of the its Arts and Athletic Fund the Ed. Foundation has provided a $650 grant to the H.S. Physical Education Department for a one year subscription to the MiMove Activity Tracking App. This subscription will cover approximately 1000 SBHS P.E. students.

The MiMove Activity Tracking App is a mobile application designed to monitor and encourage physical activity in students. This tool promotes overall well-being while enhancing the learning environment. MiMove captures students’ voices, emotional responses, and reflections on physical activity. P.E. teachers can access the generated data and metrics through a secure dashboard. The app can help teachers learn more about students’ experiences with physical activity both during and outside physical education.

Students will also see the benefits through improved fitness. Their overall health can be improved through monitoring their activity levels while striving to meet recommended daily targets. Through tracking their progress, students may also experience improved concentration and academic performance. Features of the app allow for a fun gamification experiences with goal setting, earning rewards, and competition with peers. It also fosters a sense of community and teamwork through challenges and group activities.

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