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News The Ed. Foundation Provides $42,000 Grant for District Engineering Initiative
September 28, 2023 On September 28, 2023, the Education Foundation presented the South Brunswick Board of Education its largest grant to date, $42,000, to help fund the District’s “Hands On Engineering Initiative”.

The key objective of the “Engineering Initiative” is to infuse engineering into the mainstream K-12 curriculum, not merely as an extracurricular activity or elective course.

The initiative will help build awareness of engineering and the many fields of study it covers. The initial phase will focus on increasing access and equipment at both the high school and middle schools. Eventually, the District will scale-up the program to include engineering curriculum for grades K-5, impacting all students that attend the South Brunswick School District.

According to Scott Feder, SBSD Superintendent of Schools, “The District’s long-range vision is to bring the engineering program up to par with our music and computer science programs”. For the near future, the Foundation’s fundraising focus will be on the Engineering Initiative to help continue funding the program through its initial phase and scale-up.

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