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February 20, 2020 The Ed. Foundation's Inaugural "Adult Spelling Bee Challenge" was held on February 20 at the South Brunswick High School Auditorium.  The evening was full of excitement, surprises and lots of fun, as teams comprised of three teachers from five district schools battled it out to take home the coveted Champion Spellers trophy.  Our event hosts, South Brunswick High School teachers, Dr. Negraval & Mr. Dentler made the evening a fantastic success.

The Bee teams and participants included, South Brunswick H.S. (SBeeHS-T-E-A-M) with Alison Miller, Roberto DeBari and Eileen Cartwright, Cambridge Elem. (Notorious B-E-E) with Sarah Shadell, Heather RuinaIsaacs and Jenny Plebani, Brunswick Acres Elem. (Smart Mouths) with Rafael Botello, Michelle Morris and Jennifer Durkin, Monmouth Junction Elem. (The Junction Jaguars) with Deb Buonocore, Donna Daley and Carly Rabby and Constable Elem. (Constable CubBEES) with Ellen Gehringer, Crystal Huau and Francois Suhr.

Congratulations to our 2020 EFSB Adult Spelling Bee Challenge Champions — the SBeesHS-T-E-A-M!
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