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Sat., January 27, 2018  -  7 pm-11 pm
at Pierre’s of S. Brunswick, Monmouth Jct.
Ticket Price: $35
Ticket includes delicious desserts and fabulous entertainment.

"Murder at the Malt Shop"

Malt Shop ItemsWelcome to Schmaltzy’s Malt Shop where the gang of Killem High have gathered on the day of the big drag race. It’s time to return to the days when sock hops, 45 records, breaking into song at random moments, and wearing leather jackets to gym class was cool. But not all is well with the members of ‘Chrome Justice’ and someone might find themselves with one foot on the pedal and one foot in the grave.

Wear your favorite 50’s attire and join in the fun!

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"A Taste for Education" Thank You!

Thank you to all our supporters, our donors, our volunteers and of course all the fine restaurants that helped make this year's "A Taste for EDUCATION" a great success.

We look forward to seeing everyone next year!

View photos (by Ed Birch) of the 2017 A Taste for Education

View the "A Taste for Education" Event Program

  • An Introduction to the EFSB...

    The creation and development of the Education Foundation of South Brunswick Township, Inc. as a non-profit corporation is an outgrowth of increasing educational needs in the community and the uncertainty of public school funding in New Jersey.  In addition to addressing fiscal needs, the Foundation is designed to provide a forum for communication and an ongoing opportunity to exchange ideas on behalf of educational interests of the community.

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  • 2017 Foundation Scholarships

    Dr. Gary P. McCartney Scholarship awarded to Kathleen Burke.

    Education Foundation of South Brunswick Scholarships awarded to Khalid Nadi and Olivia Scattergood.

  • 2016-2017 Grants Announced  

    The Foundation awards nearly $10,000 in grants.

  • Beam of Light Program  

    Use the EFSB “Beam of Light” program to recognize someone special in the S.B. school community and support the Foundation.

    Click here for more information.